Can you make offers to each of your customers in the micro-moments when they want to buy?

You have a choice: you could lose them in seconds – or convert them in milliseconds with is the only cloud-based advanced decisioning platform that can build a crystal-clear picture of each customer – by linking their real-time context, historical profile and data – and tailoring offers that drive them to action, in the instant. This is Real-time Event Decisioning, end-to-end from network event to customer interaction, in a sub-second.

Market to ‘one in a million’ in milliseconds

With its superfast in-memory databases, massively parallel computing techniques and stream processing, ingests and analyses vast amounts of customer data, gaining an accurate, contextual and historical profile of each customer. then tailors offers to each of them in milliseconds. This is ‘marketing to one in a million’ in action, even if you have many millions of customers.

Add incremental revenue while you sleep

If you could prevent your customers going ‘out of bundle’ and onto higher rates or running out of credit, or if you upsell or cross-sell the most profitable ones, you could make your customers very happy, keep more of them and add ongoing incremental revenue to your bottom line. lets you do all this, automatically and continuously, wherever your customers are and whenever they reach those vital micro-moments of intent.

Benefit from 3 platforms in 1

Instead of integrating 3 platforms to achieve Event Detection, Action Allocation and Campaign Workflow Execution, you can do all 3 and more with, the end-to-end Real-time Event Decisioning platform. is able to process massive amounts of customer data in the micro-moment to:

  • Filter, aggregate and assess events to answer the question ’Is this a relevant event?’
  • Use real-time data streaming with customer histories, business rules and modelling to answer the question ‘What is the next best action (NBA)?’
  • Determine the best communication channel (online, On App, SMS, USSD, Call Centre), inbound or outbound, to answer the question ‘what is the best execution channel’
  • Execute the offer, customer interaction and fulfilment through a flexible campaign workflow,

With, you avoid the need to integrate and manage disparate platforms. More than that, lets you move from batch data and communications 24 or 48 hours after the event, to in-the-moment interactions that drive your customers to action in real real-time (sub second), when it matters.

Gets started in weeks with Use Cases

Setting up campaigns to capitalise on these micro-moments might seem daunting, but there is a smarter way. makes it easy with Use Cases, which are ready-to-use micro-marketing programs or templates. All you do is choose the micro-moments you want to monetise, and decide what offers will convince customers to take action in that instant. It’s that easy.

Use Cases include a range of event detectors, offers and channels, so all you need to do is choose the ones that suit, and add your corporate branding and communications. This is the smart way to transition to in-the-moment, marketing to one-in-a-million.

Streamline integration with ‘plug-and-play’

If transforming your current IT system into a real-time marketing machine also seems daunting, can streamline that, too. can front-end your data warehouse and CRM system and intercept data between them, providing the insights you need to tailor individual offers.

More than that,’s ‘plug-and-play’ design has inbuilt APIs for integration with your communication channels (online, On App, SMS, USSD, Call Centre, etc) and fulfilment channels (automatically fulfilling offers back into the OCS platform for example for prepay operators).

Accelerate your digital transformation

The biggest obstacles to digital transformation are time and money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. is the only Real-time Event Decisioning platform that is cloud-based, so there’s no need for a mega IT project that consumes years and vast amounts of money and people hours. In addition has been designed from the ground up to operate in the cloud (AWS), with high security and infosec compliance.

With being based in the cloud and on Use Cases, you can enjoy rapid deployment, fast time to market, light-touch IT management as well as security, peace of mind and economical ‘pay-as-you-use’ pricing.

However, if your local internet infrastructure isn’t adequate or cloud deployment isn’t possible for other reasons, is also available with ‘on-premise’ deployment.