Do you want effective CVM campaigns but not DIY?

Some customers have limited on-the-ground resources to design and run Customer Value Management (CVM) campaigns – or just prefer that the experts do it for them. That’s fine. Emagine is the team who can help.

CVM is a specialised field and few providers understand it as well as we do. Our team has decades of industry experience in technical, marketing and management roles in CSPs and DSPs around the globe. You can tap into this expertise. Read some case studies.

Capitalise on our embedded approach

We have an unusual and effective model: we embed our experts into your CVM and IT teams, and handle end-to-end campaign design, configuration, execution and reporting.

This is how you gain results and your people acquire expertise, while we take responsibility.

Gain sizable returns

We have these world-class, hybrid marketing/technical teams embedded with our customers across the globe. It allows them to focus on what their customers want and what offers to make, and we take care of design, execution, operations and reporting. Read some case studies.

Our customers love this model: it generates significant returns for them without the long-term investment and management of personnel in-house.

Move to in-house when you’re ready

If you want to move to in-house management over time, we’re happy to help out.

We can train your people, or recruit and train new local talent, to take care of the details of campaign management. Contact us for details.