How smart CSPs/DSPs turn Micro-moments into money using Real-time Event Decisioning

The RED Blueprint

Who is this Blueprint for?

  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMO)
  • Heads of Customer Value Management
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTO)

of Communication & Digital Service Providers (CSPs/DSPs) who want to cut churn and grow ARPU through sub-second personalised, contextual interactions that drive customer behaviour.

What will you get from this Blueprint?

This fully-referenced blueprint:

  • Reveals the 5 Make-or-Break challenges for CSPs & DSPs right now
  • Defines the 6 barriers to in-the-moment personalised, contextual interactions
  • Shows how the smartest operators overcome both and grow customers and ARPU using Real-time Event Decisioning.

“A must-read for any
who wants to grow incremental revenue using sub-second decisioning and execution”

$1.8 million*

incremental revenue over 12 months

This Best Practice Guide reveals:

  • How OTT operators have made life tougher for CSPs and DSPs
  • Why Micro-moments are critical
  • Why batch data and systems won’t deliver
  • How Real-time Event Decisioning enables the CMO, CIO and Head of CVM

* Results achieved by a major CSP.

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