The micro-moment

A concert, sport, movie, new TV series or similar event is about to occur and it’s accessible by applications your customers use, like YouTube, Spotify or NetFlix.

The Pain

If you do nothing:

  • You’ll lose potential new revenue and the opportunity to cement a relationship.

The Opportunity

With this Use Case, you could upsell these customers with personalised application-specific micro-deals that cover the special event and:

  • Give them access to the content they want
  • Surprise them with personalised offers they really like
  • Provide a content bundle of known profitability for you.

How works

Real-time analysis analyses each customer’s:

  • Behavioural DNA (profile, history, habits, favourite applications and peak usage time),

to determine what they like and do, when.

Real-time triggers is preset for this trigger per customer:

  • Application/Content Event Time – A pre-configured time prior to an event starting which is accessible on an app used by the customer.
Real-time offers

In a sub-second, makes an offer with the best chance of acceptance.

For instance, a customer:

  • Uses Netflix and the new season of House of Cards is launching.
Real-time offer take-up

To maximize uptake, makes it fast to accept with 1-3 clicks or steps by:

  • Smartphone APP
  • Two-way SMS
  • Interactive USSD.

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