The micro-moment

Your mobile prepaid customers are about to enter their peak usage period (time of day, day of week, days of month) of their favourite applications.

The Pain

If these customers are using apps like Spotify or Netflix, they could be consuming data faster than they think. If they deplete without knowing:

  • They’ll go onto higher out-of-bundle rates and won’t be happy when the bills come in or they run out of airtime credit
  • You risk losing them and missing an upsell opportunity.

The Opportunity

With this Use Case, you could upsell these customers with personalised, application-specific micro-deals and:

  • Give them more of the app they want, when they most want it
  • Avoid ‘one to all’ offers that have low appeal and uptake
  • Gain extra revenue and lower churn for you.

How works

Real-time analysis analyses each customer’s:

  • Bundle lifecycle.
  • Contextual data
  • Behavioural DNA (profile, history, habits, peak usage times),

to determine the optimal offer and best time to make it.

Real-time triggers is triggered when each customer reaches:

  • Peak Usage Time derived from analysis of customers’ application usage behaviour.
Real-time offers

In a sub-second, makes an offer with the best chance of acceptance:

For instance, a customer:

  • Has a 500MB bundle, valid for 30 days
  • Uses Spotify heavily on weeknights between 6 – 10pm

You could offer an unlimited Spotify bundle during just those hours.

Real-time offer take-up makes it fast to accept with 1-3 clicks or steps by:

  • Smartphone APP
  • Two-way SMS
  • Interactive USSD.

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