The micro-moment

Some prepaid mobile customers are about to run out of airtime credit (monetary balance).

The Pain

If they run out, it won’t be good for anyone:

  • All their outbound mobile services will be cut off. Customers won’t be happy and you’ll be losing revenue
  • If they have to top up, they’ll need to have enough funds and access to a top-up voucher or online channel. You could lose them at any stage.

The Opportunity

With this Use Case, you could interact with them before their credit runs out, and:

  • Offer a credit advance for airtime or a specific service (data, minutes or SMS), based on credit worthiness
  • Gain incremental revenue that you’d otherwise not get
  • Add pure profit revenue from loan charges on their next recharge
  • Retain more customers and increase their ARPU, without cannibalising revenue.

How works

Real-time triggers.

Your Online Charging System (OCS) sends a trigger to when each customer’s balance reaches a preset Low Credit level.

Real-time analysis instantly analyses each customer’s:

  • Profile, history, habits, offers made and accepted or not.
  • Credit worthiness via’s own credit score modelling or by query to one of your databases.
Real-time individual predictions

In a sub-second, predicts for each customer:

  • The precise moment to engage before the balance reaches zero.
  • Whether the customer is eligible to receive an advance
  • The ideal advance product (money, data, SMS, voice, VAS, hybrid)
  • The ideal package (denomination/size, validity, cost, admin fee etc.) with the greatest chance of acceptance.
Real-time tailored offers

Based on its analysis and prediction, for each customer tailors individual offers like:

Depending on each customer’s profile, offers:

  • A relevant above the line / in-market data bundle offer
  • A personalised data bundle tailored to each customer’s use.

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