The micro-moment

Some prepaid mobile customers are about to deplete or expire their data bundles, but their money balance is too low to cover your cheapest above or below the line data deals.

For instance:

  • Customer’s balance is $0.35
  • Your cheapest above-the-line data bundle is $1.00
  • Your lowest priced below-the-line data-bundle is $0.50

The Pain

If you send a data offer to customers who have insufficient balance to purchase, no one will win:

  • They’ll be frustrated because they can’t buy and won’t be able to access data services
  • You’ll miss out on the opportunity to sell them a lower-priced content-restricted bundle for specific apps such as Spotify, Netflix or WhatsApp.

The Opportunity

With this Use Case, you could upsell these customers with a relevant content micro-deal and:

  • Provide them with a personal, satisfying experience
  • Make a profitable offer that fits within their available balance
  • Keep and grow them as customers.

How works

Real-time triggers

Your system is preset to send the following trigger:

  • Bundle Balance – from your Online Charging System (OCS) when a data bundle balance reaches a specific % or usage threshold
Real-time analysis makes a real-time query to your Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) element to retrieve Application Usage Statistics to identify the most used apps by each customer. If you don’t have a DPI element, the data source would be historical. uses this information along with the customer’s current airtime balance (from a real-time balance check or information on CDRs) and Behavioural DNA (profile, history, habits) to determine the optimal offer to make.

Real-time offers

In a sub-second, makes an offer with the best chance of acceptance:

For instance, with a balance of $0.35, the best offer might be 4 hour Spotify access for $0.25.

Real-time offer take-up

To maximize uptake, makes it fast to accept with 1-3 clicks or steps by:

  • Smartphone APP
  • Two-way SMS
  • Interactive USSD

Choose Your Use Case