The micro-moment

Some prepaid mobile customers are about to deplete/expire their individual data bundles.

The Pain

If either of these occurs, you and your customers will both miss out:

  • They will go onto higher out-of-bundle rates but won’t necessarily know it
  • If they have no airtime credit, they’ll be cut off from all data and won’t be happy
  • If they knew they were about to deplete or expire their bundles, they could manually opt to buy more, but you’ll need to rely on their taking this action
  • If they go out of bundle or deplete, you’ll be losing revenue.
  • If they’re really unhappy, you could lose them to competitors, especially if you operate in a multi-SIM environment.

The Opportunity

With this Use Case , you could communicate with them before their bundles deplete or expire and:

  • Minimise the risk of out-of-bundle charges, data cut-off and dissatisfaction
  • Streamline their product purchase through self-service
  • Decrease churn and increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)

How works

Real-time triggers.

Your OCS (Online Charging System is preset to send a trigger:

For depletion, when each customer’s data bundle reaches a pre-set low threshold (say 5-10%)

Real-time analysis analyses each customer’s bundle life cycle, their profile, history, habits compared to other customers with similar profiles, adding context and what they are doing in that moment. uses this to predict when each bundle will expire, and what personalised offer has the most chance of acceptance, in a sub-second.

Real-time alerts

To communicate and convert each customer, sends a choice of real-time alerts, such as:

  • Your data will deplete in X minutes or Y megabytes
  • Your data will expire in Z, days, hours or minutes
  • Your data has depleted or expired.
Real-time offers

Depending on each customer’s profile, offers:

  • A relevant above the line / in-market data bundle offer
  • A personalised data bundle tailored to each customer’s use.
Real-time offer take-up then seals the deal, by making it fast and easy for each customer to accept:

  • 1-2 steps or clicks via Smartphone app, SMS or interactive USSD

The push notification channel can be tailored to each customer’s observed behavior and/or their real-time presence information, as well as to individual CSP/DSP capabilities and geographical region.

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