The micro-moment

Your prepaid mobile customers have just completed a chargeable event on their phones (call, data session, SMS, MMS or purchased a VAS product).

The Pain

If they:

  • Receive no End of Call Notification (EoCN) they won’t know how close they are to depletion or expiry. If either happens, you could lose them and their revenue. (In some countries EoCNs are mandated, so you may not have the choice)
  • Receive a standard EoCN with just call cost and balance, you’ve missed an opportunity to engage and upsell them to more services, new services and more revenue.

The Opportunity

With this Use Case, you could make personalised offers when chargeable event end, and:

  • Enrich their customer experience
  • Make many offers a day based on different call/service types
  • Increase your revenue opportunities
  • Increase their satisfaction, spend and ARPU.

How works

Real-time triggers.

Your systems are preset to send these 3 main triggers for each customer: 

  1. End of Call Notification (EoCN) from the OCS (an API notification or SMPP submitted message including cost of call and updated $ balance)
  2. VAS Platform Trigger (an API notification including costs of the VAS and updated $ balance.
  3. DPI/PCEF/TDF Trigger (an API notification including information about the data service used (such as VOIP call, streaming session etc.).
Real-time analysis and prediction

Instantly, analyses each customer’s:

  • EoCNs from your OCS (Online Charging System) – or one of the other two triggers
  • Behavioural DNA (profile, history, habits),

which it uses to predict the product offer (size, validity or price) with the greatest chance of acceptance for each customer.

Real-time offers

Within a few seconds of receiving the EoCN message, sends a personalised offer to each of your customers, such as:

  • An incentive to maintain or stretch normal top-up amounts (depending on customer segment)
  • A relevant above the line / in-market bundle offer
  • A personalised bundle based on individual usage, profile or time of day
  • A personalised content bundle (such as Netflix, Spotify, Stan etc) based on observed habits
  • A message highlighting the value they’ve missed by not taking up the offer, and providing an incentive to act.
Real-time offer take-up

To maximize in-the-moment uptake, enables acceptance in 1 or 2 steps or clicks, such as:

  • SMS
  • Interactive USSD.

Messaging can include how to redeem the offer via a different channel.

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