Real-time Event Decisioning Use Cases – how they work

Use Cases are micro-marketing campaign templates that let you get started with (our cloud-based Real-time Event Decisioning platform) even faster. Use Cases include a choice of event detectors, offers and channels. All you need to do is decide the best combination to monetise particular micro-moments, and add your offers and communications.

Get started quickly and cost-effectively

You can get started with a single Use Case and run a ‘Proof of Value’ (PoV) quickly. Just choose the micro-moment that has the highest payback or is causing the biggest pain, and we can have you up and running in weeks.

For instance, some of your prepaid mobile customers may be depleting their bundles before they expire, so you could be missing easy upsell revenue. Using just one Use Case – LOW DATA Bundle Upsell – you could:

  • Predict those who will deplete before expiry and
  • Upsell those with sufficient airtime credit to a higher value bundle,

in a sub-second.

Add touch points or offers

With Use Cases, you can launch your campaign and measure your results and ROI, quickly. You can also tweak the campaign, adding more touch points or offers based on real results, not projections.

More than that, you can achieve in-the-moment, marketing-to-one-in-a-million capability, with no need for a mega IT project, which will consume big dollars, lots of people hours and take months if not years. With Use Cases, your first campaign can be launched and delivering in weeks.

Choose Your Use Case