Enables enhanced customer engagement in the moment to increase revenue and margins for Energy retailers

Sydney, August 2016: Emagine International, a specialist provider of real-time contextual customer marketing software, has today unveiled its new Customer Value Management (CVM) offering for the energy sector. Enabling enhanced customer engagement in the moment, its real-time analytics and execution platform will enable energy providers to interact with their customers in a meaningful and impactful way. In other sectors, this has allowed Emagine’s clients to grow net incremental revenue by 3-5% per annum, increase margins and decrease churn.

Using machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to process large volumes of customer and energy network data and build effective customer profiles, Emagine’s Adaptive Contextual Marketing platform delivers sub-second customer interactions. It identifies key moments for intervention in the customer lifecycle, enabling opportunities such as energy usage health checks for tariff and usage optimisation, benchmarking against competitors for churn base management and multiple occasions for cross-sell and up-sell. This results in engagement with the right customer, with the right offer, at the right time.

“Energy providers today are faced with a number of challenges, from de-regulation, increased competition, technology innovation and disruption and the need to embrace renewable energy sources,” explained Emagine CEO David Peters. “With the introduction of smart meters, consumer energy apps and prepaid electricity deals come more opportunities for customer interaction, but also heightened demand for fast and simple touch points. Energy companies therefore need to keep up with the level of engagement achieved by retailers in other industries and establish not only a deeper understanding of customers as individuals, but also maximise the value of each one in a way that delivers revenue and protects the relationship.”

Emagine draws on 17 years of global CVM expertise in the Communication Service Provider (CSP) space to deliver this solution to the energy sector. It has a proven combination of technology platform and onsite managed marketing operations that combine to generate demonstrable incremental revenues for clients. For case studies and testimonials, visit https://www.emagineinternational.com/case-studies/.

About Emagine International

Emagine International is a specialist provider of real-time adaptive contextual marketing software and managed marketing services that enable companies across a number of industry verticals (from telecoms to utilities) to interact with their customers in a meaningful impactful way.

Emagine’s Adaptive Contextual Marketing™ software suite uses the latest technology and techniques in complex event processing, machine learning and real-time analytics to reveal deep insights into the customer’s Behavioural DNA™. Network data is ingested in real-time, and marketing offers and customer interactions are dynamically adapted, aligning them with the individual customer’s needs to provide better user experiences and generate higher returns than traditional segmented campaigns. Campaigns are personal, relevant and timely; delivering true “Marketing To One®”.

Headquartered in Pymont Sydney, Australia’s tech hub, the company develops and delivers Telecommunications Grade software for customers including Vodafone, Singtel Optus, Vodacom, Etisalat, True Move, CSL and Telstra.

For more information about Emagine International, visit www.emagineinternational.com.