VoltDB and Emagine Present: How Fast Data Produces Profit: Personalizing Mobile AdvertisingOnline

24th February 2015
Presented by:
David Peters, CEO, Emagine
Peter Vescuso, CMO, VoltDB

The modern telecommunications data centre environment must cater to billions of high frequency events daily. For Communications Service Providers, capturing the attention of customers by using this data for campaigns and loyalty programs is the difference between achieving a competitive advantage and increased profitability, and slipping behind.
Customers now expect more personalized content and offers at the right place, at the right time using the right channel. They will gladly go to competitors for better offers or a better customer experience.
Technology and business teams are faced with a challenge to architect and manage platforms that extract optimum value from these event streams. Combining fast data with the advanced big data analytics through mining large volumes of historical data is increasingly becoming a key technology enabler for CSPs looking to maintain and build their customer base.
Tapping into the value of data in real-time – the moment it arrives – is a significant opportunity but it requires the ability to track billions of events, generate real-time triggers from those billions of events reflecting the contextual usage and deviation in defined behaviour instantaneously.
During this webinar David and Peter will highlight:
How today’s systems and architectures make real-time informed decision making possible for competitive differentiation
The importance of a flexible data export solution
How automated real-time event tracking and rule execution enables real-time analytics and decision making
The technology and tools needed to build and maintain fast/big data architectures