Emagine RED.cloud is a cloud-based real-time event decisioning platform for CSPs and DSPs

Turn customer context into profit

Analyse & compare profiles & make tailored, timely, contextualised offers in a sub-second

We proved the value of real-time contextual interactions. With just one Use Case, RED.cloud delivers incremental Airtime Loan admin fees of USD$30k per month, which is pure margin.

Commercial Manager Prepaid | AfTel*

Drive customer actions in the Micro-moment

Increase customer retention & ARPU with personalised offers at just the right moment

…we were unsure about the impact of real-time technology or the ROI on a Proof of Value. The US$1.8 million incremental revenue predicted over 12 months has changed our minds on both counts.

Head of CVM | MultiComm*

Speed up transition from CSP to DSP

Achieve best-in-class customer engagement quickly, without rebuilding your IT infrastructure.

Before RED.cloud, we were looking at waiting 2 years for infrastructure changes that might have delivered what we wanted. With RED.cloud and Use Cases, we increased customers and revenue in just a few months.

CVM Mobile Prepaid | MegaCell*

* Some clients have asked for names to be changed for competitive reasons. Please contact Emagine for details.

About Emagine


Emagine is an innovator in software and services for the global Communication and Digital Service industries.

Our people have decades of hands-on international industry experience, holding senior technical, marketing and management roles in CSPs/DSPs in the USA, India, Africa and Asia Pacific.


RED.cloud enables heads of Marketing and Customer Value Management to generate new revenue from new services in just a few weeks, and supports CIOs to transition from CSP to DSP, via cost-effective, measurable steps with Use Cases proven in real-world scenarios.

Game changer

Emagine has developed a game-changing decisioning platform called RED.cloud (Real-time Event Decisioning).

RED.cloud is an advanced, real-time decisioning platform, which enables CSPs and DSPs to capture customers’ attention and move them to action in micro-moments, and maximise both customer experience and incremental revenue.

Based on advanced in-memory-database technologies, distributed computing and massively parallel processing, Emagine’s RED.cloud is the only cloud-based platform that can ingest, analyse and compare vast amounts of customer data, and use it to tailor and deliver individual offers to customers, in a sub-second.

RED.cloud is also available with ‘on-premise’ deployment where Internet infrastructure is inadequate or cloud deployment is not feasible.