We're Emagine and we’re all about Customer Value Management

Emagine’s area of expertise is Customer Value Management (CVM) – the practice of understanding and maximising the value of each individual customer through ongoing, tailored interactions.

Our real-time analytics and execution platform enables our clients to interact with their customers in a meaningful impactful way.

Our Adaptive Contextual Marketing™ platform uses the latest technology and techniques in machine learning and big data analytics to reveal deep insights into the customer’s Behavioural DNA™. Marketing offers and customer interactions are dynamically adapted in real-time and aligned with the individual customer’s needs to provide better user experiences and generate higher returns than traditional segmented campaigns. Campaigns are personal, relevant and timely; delivering true “Marketing To One®”.

Emagine’s Adaptive Contextual Marketing suite is made up of a number of modular solutions, so we are able to complement existing infrastructure and solutions. Our ethos of alignment is all about providing the right fit for each client and delivering value from first engagement onwards.


  • Campaign Management Platform

    Automate your marketing – sophisticated, multi-step and multi-channel campaigns

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  • Emagine Next Best Action

    The right offer for every occasion and touch point

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  • Emagine Real Time Event Decisioning Platform

    Act in an instant. Real-time campaigns triggered in the moment

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Automate your marketing – sophisticated, multi-step and multi-channel campaigns


The Emagine Campaign Management Platform is an omni-channel, real-time execution platform that manages highly sophisticated inbound and outbound campaign flows for subscribers throughout their lifecycle.


This is our flagship solution and has been in the market for 15 years. Designed originally for telecommunications operators to execute contextual marketing campaigns, it supports a wide variety of industries. Emagine Campaign Management Platform support omni-channel customer communication and interaction, and real-time fulfillment of offers and rewards. We have a strong track history of dramatically reducing customer churn and stimulating revenues hence  maximising customer lifetime value.


The Emagine Campaign Management Platform manages hundreds of concurrent campaigns for our clients, generating significant and sustainable net incremental revenue.


Key value differentiators include:

  • Multi-step, multi-channel, campaign execution
  • Support for hundreds of concurrent campaigns – scalable to meet campaign needs
  • Ease of integration end to end
  • Best-in-class communications and fulfilment channels with pre-integrated APIs - we manage the full customer interaction, offer, redemption and fulfillment process
  • Closed loop – this enables us to continuously monitor subscriber response and behaviour in order to take action, respond, etc.
  • Built-in analytics – enabling micro-segmentation, insights and automation directly within the execution platform
  • Real-time operational reporting – enabling real-time operational monitoring, alerting and dashboards for campaign performance management
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The right offer for every occasion and touch point.


Emagine’s Next Best Action is a real-time offer allocation engine designed to help operators monetise inbound and outbound customer contact, providing the most appropriate offer at every inbound touch point.


Available to support any inbound or outbound channel, such as call centres, SMS, inbound Interactive voice response (IVR), USSD, and mobile Apps, the Next Best Action module delivers:

  • Real-time presentation of the next best action for each customer to deliver potential offers within an existing user interface or via APIs
  • Identification of opportunities to upsell, cross sell, or better service the customers
  • Optimised offers that can generate incremental revenue from customer contact
  • Derived using real-time streaming analytics and predictive modelling

The Next Best Action module can also enable fully integrated inbound and outbound campaigns and analytics when combined with the Emagine Campaign Management Platform or indeed to any other Campaign Management platform.


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Act in an instant. Real-time campaigns triggered in the moment.

Emagine’s Real-Time Event Decisioning platform is designed to capture event triggers as they happen from any network element. In short it answers one simple question – is this instant the right moment to interact meaningfully with the customer. Has a moment of truth occurred? Emagine’s Real-Time Event Decisioning platform brings usage and trigger-based marketing campaigns to life with the ability to deliver a reward or a notification instantaneously upon a threshold or target being reached.


Enabling our clients to execute campaigns and communications in real-time, it quite literally enables them to deliver a message sub-second.


For example, in Mobile Telecoms operators, our real-time platform ingests real-time transactions like customer data records (CDRs), network events, HLR/VLR sessions, and URL data, to trigger campaigns, rewards and notifications in the moment. This can be used to encourage recharge, international calls, roaming and data usage with tightly coupled offers and rewards delivered in real-time.

With pre-integrated, high volume and real-time data collection, aggregation, filtering and decisioning, resulting actions include delivery of promotions, communications and offers along with campaign and upstream/downstream platform triggers. Want to learn more. Check out our video below to see it in action, or click on link http://www.emagineinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/EmagineReal-TimeEventDecisioningWhitepaper.pdf to download our Real-time Whitepaper.


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  • Emagine Contextual Analytics Platform

    Big Data Analytics and machine learning to interact in a better way

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  • Emagine Customer Loyalty

    Recognise and reward your best customers.

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  • Emagine Broadcast SMS

    Reach millions of your customers quickly and easily

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Big Data Analytics and machine learning to interact in a better way


The Emagine Contextual Analytics Platform is a comprehensive customer marketing datamart that combines multiple disparate sources of data in one place to provide a single view of the customer.

The latest data science techniques combined with machine learning and big data technology creates Behavioural DNA™ which is the unique profile of each individual customer. This is used to select and target the best offer to each individual, and then learn from it to adapt to market and customer behaviour changes.

The platform delivers in actionable customer insights that can be used to better monetise and optimise the subscriber experience across the entire customer and product lifecycle

The Contextual Analytics Platform supports:

  • Customer analysis and insights
  • Campaign targeting,
  • Campaign performance success reporting
  • Customer response behaviour

Implemented as complementary or standalone to enterprise data warehouses or big data stores, it can be integrated quickly and easily, facilitating rapid time to market.

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Recognise and reward your best customers.


Emagine’s next-generation customer loyalty solution is a highly flexible and configurable points-based customer loyalty platform, enabling operators to cost effectively launch and manage a loyalty program as a key part of their customer marketing mix. It offers both points based accumulation, redemption and retail integration along with dedicated campaign functionality to successfully market loyalty programmes to subscribers.

Key features include:

  • Automated value accumulation in the form of points or monetary value
  • Automated reward management and distribution, including integration with intelligent networks (IN), Business Support Systems (BSS) and external reward partners
  • Multiple redemption channels and reward options
  • Opportunities for multiple ‘earn and burn’ partners
  • Fully web enabled guidelines
  • Easily customised to the look and feel of your existing brand
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Reach millions of your customers quickly and easily

Emagine’s Broadcast SMS platform enables clients to send millions of SMS to clients simultaneously and securely.

The platform provides the ability to customise and tailor messages to individual customers while also opening up the ability to hold a two-way SMS dialogue with potentially millions of customers in parallel.

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  • Emagine Prepaid Recharge Platform

    Mobile apps to make top-up a convenient and rewarding experience

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  • Managed Marketing Operations

    Emagine Customer Value Management experts- on the ground with you.

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For Mobile Operators, Mobile apps make top-up a convenient and rewarding experience.

Our Prepaid Recharge App is designed to offer a consistently excellent customer recharge experience to prepaid subscribers. Even when operating in a self-service environment, our application makes top-up a convenient and rewarding experience, delivering interactive and personalised offers to subscribers.

Subscribers benefit from a fast and convenient way to top up their account, while the operator gains a low-cost, high-engagement channel for recharge and offer delivery.

Key features include:

  • Versions for both iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Four and five star user experience ratings across both the App Store and Google Play
  • IN integration
  • SMS recharge option
  • Payments management
  • Low cost customer self-service and customer care tools
  • Operational and business reporting
  • Integrated customer offers

Our Prepaid Recharge App was recognised by Gartner in its Cool Vendor 2013 list.

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There are very few providers in the world who really understand Customer Value Management. We do. We align our teams to the needs of our clients, ensuring maximum ROI on campaigns in the shortest possible timeframe by integrating Emagine’s CVM experts into the operator’s IT and marketing teams. Embedded in the operations in this way, they take responsibility for the end-to-end campaign design, configuration, execution and reporting.

We have these teams rolled out across the world and are able to deploy our world-class, hybrid marketing and technical teams across both our platform and any other campaign management and analytics technology stack. This means that you can focus on analysis, creative execution and offer creation, whilst our Managed Marketing Operations team handles data, execution, operations and reporting. This model has been very successful in generating significant returns for our large reference clients.

Our experienced Managed Marketing Operations team can also recruit and train local talent on the ground to support the platform on a longer term basis.

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