Customer Value Management is getting tougher and faster

Your customers expect more from you than ever. With OTT (Over The Top) providers like Google, WhatsApp and Facebook providing personal, contextual, instant experiences, it’s getting tougher to impress.

We understand this and how to deliver real-time Customer Value Management (CVM) for CSPs and DSPs – that does more than impress customers: it drives their actions. Platform

Emagine has developed, a game-changing Real-time Event Decisioning platform, which lets you capture customers’ attention in micro-moments – and move them to take action. This delivers two great outcomes: optimised real-time experiences for them and incremental revenue for you.

Based on advanced in-memory-database technologies, distributed computing and massively parallel processing, Emagine’s is the only decisioning platform that can ingest, analyse and compare vast amounts of customer data, and use it to tailor and deliver individual offers to customers via their channel of choice, in a sub-second.

We transform your customers’ data into real-time insights that ensure you can deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, via the right channel.

When all these elements are aligned, your customers feel understood, satisfied and valued, and you see outcomes that make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Cloud-based Customer Value Management

More than that, is delivered in the cloud. is the only decisioning platform that does all this with all the benefits of the cloud: rapid deployment, fast time to market, light-touch IT management and economical ‘pay-as-you-use’ pricing model. is the combination that is sure to please both your marketing team and IT teams. Read more about

Note: is also available with ‘on-premise’ deployment.

Leverage our CVM expertise

As an Emagine client, you also have access to our experienced Managed Marketing Operations team.

There are few providers in the world who truly understand Customer Value Management for CSPs and DSPs. We do and we deliver maximum campaign ROI for you by using a rare approach: we embed our experts into your CVM and IT teams, and handle end-to-end campaign design, configuration, execution and reporting. We take responsibility, you gain results and your people acquire expertise.

We have rolled out these world-class, hybrid marketing and technical teams across the world, helping organisations like yours to focus on what your customers want and what offers to make, while we take care of data, execution, operations and reporting. This model is highly successful. It generates significant returns for our large CSP and DSP clients – and could be the right answer for you too.

Our experienced Managed Marketing Operations team can also train your people, or recruit and train local talent to support on the ground over the longer term. Read more about