• Adaptive Contextual Marketing Platform

    Adaptive Contextual Marketing Platform

    Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

    Adapt rapidly to market and customer changes.

    Highly personalised customer interactions.

    Big Data applied to maximise campaign results.

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  • Emagine Prepaid Recharge Platform

    Emagine Prepaid Recharge Platform

    Prepaid top-up App for Smartphones and Tablets

    Customer satisfaction and engagement

    Low-Cost, personal channel for top-up and offers

    Optus RechargeNow 4 1/2 Stars on App Store

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  • Emagine “Marketing To One®”

    Emagine “Marketing To One®”

    Emagine enables CSPs around the world to reduce

    churn and generate net incremental revenue from their

    customers through intelligent real-time campaigns and

    interactions that are personal, relevant and timely.

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We always go the extra mile for our customers

Emagine's team go the extra mile for their customers

What our clients say...
“You become part of our team to drive the one goal”.
“You show a willingness to dig-in till it is done, satisfying the client”.
“Emagine listens and collaborates”.

Our Customer Case Studies

We share deep domain expertise

Keep Your Customers Loyal

What our clients say...
“Emagine really understands the business we are working in. Emagine understand the market & how our customers behave”
“Emagine bring experience and advice from around the globe, and a different perspective for us”.
“You demonstrate commitment to ensuring that your clients are getting the ROI from the platform”.

Marketing Accountability

We deliver a fully Integrated Telco Platform

Easy Integration

What our clients say...
“Emagine has THE specialist telecoms campaign platform”
“Emagine is commited to integrating the solution end to end, not just delivering a box”.
“Emagine delivers us a tailored and nimble campaign platform”.

Our Platform

What We Do

Emagine International is a leading provider of real-time contextual marketing software and managed marketing services for communication service providers.

In 2013, Emagine launched its Adaptive Contextual Marketing platform which uses the latest technology and techniques in machine learning and big data analytics to reveal deep insights into the customer’s Behavioural DNA. Marketing offers and customer interactions are then dynamically adapted based on the individual customer’s Behavioural DNA to provide better user experiences and generate higher returns than traditional segmented campaigns.


“Using Customer Data to Create One-To-One Marketing Campaigns”, by David Peters- CEO

One-to-one marketing, where sellers know that what they are offering to a customer is both timely and truly relevant to them is the holy grail of marketers. To achieve this, you need reliable information; and that means knowing your customer well. This has always been the secret to successful selling. Back in the day when [...]



Recognition comes within two months of being voted ‘One of the 100 Most Promising Big Data Companies’ Sydney, New York, London: August xx, 2014 – Emagine International, a specialist provider of real-time contextual customer marketing software and managed services, today announced that its founder and CEO, Dave Peters, has been named, ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ [...]

Emagine Blog

Emagine Brings Real-World Commercial Experience to University Scholarship Scheme

Emagine extends partnership with University of Wollongong to offer two intern placements for 2015 Sydney: 06 August, 2014 – Emagine International, a specialist provider of real-time contextual customer marketing software and managed services, today confirmed that it has extended its sponsorship of the University of Wollongong’s scholarship scheme to offer two intern placements for 2015 [...]

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